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About Us

Dear parents.

We would like to let you know you the specialties of our kindergarten.

Our specialties and facilities are the following:

  1. We give bringing up, organizing and administrative consultations every day from 8.30 to 9.30.
  2. We expect the arrival of the students between 8.00AM and 10.00AM. Please make sure to bring your kinds on time so we can avoid any disturbiance.
  3. Note: in case your kid won’t be able to come to school, please inform us by 8.30 via phone . (0216) 371- 10-44; +90 531 325 68 25
  4. Children with illness symptoms such as head cold, cough, rash, scab, conjunctivitis etc. are not allowed to attend kindergarten. The staff of the kindergarten aren't allowed to treat ill children. If your child misses more than 30 days and you have a doctor`s note, then all these missing days are transferred to the next month and you don't have to pay for those days.
  5. We ask kindly that children do not wear valuable jewels and or bring expensive things to kindergarten. If they are damaged or lost, the administration of the kindergarten won’t be responsible.
  6. We strongly recommend you to not give your children home toys and private things to bring up to school daily, so as to avoid conflicts between children.
  7. Friday is toys day, On this day everybody can bring their favorite toys
  8. Parent’s presence is allowed only during the adaptation period and on parent’s meeting days.
  9. We ask you kindly to pay on the 3rd day of each month, not later.
  10. We strongly recommend you to not give chewing gum and other sweets to your child, because there could be children with allergies.
  11. Please adhere to the kindergarten daily routine, because it makes the children`s presence there comfortable.

The periods of adaptation in the “Merry Rainbow” kindergarten.

  1. The parent and child come only for a walk
  2. The parent and child come only for studying lessons (Parents are not allowed in the classroom)
  3. From breakfast to the lesson parents must stay in the waiting room.
  4. The child stays without the parent for 2-3 hours.
  5. The child stays without the parent from breakfast till lunch.
  6. The child stays to sleep, but after that the parent takes the child home.
  7. The child stays for the whole day.

The main aims of our preschool establishment are security and improved health of your children and forming the habits of a healthy life. We organize a wide range of activities for your children to teach them, to save their health and protect them from different illnesses. Our daily routine involves a variety of activities. We stress the importance of the afternoon sleep.

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